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Choosing the Best Webcam Cover for Your Devices

You are not probably aware, but hackers can access your webcam without your permission. Yes, it is true. It is absolutely proven that webcams can be hacked by cyber peepers through any internet-enabled device. It is really scary knowing you might have been one of the victim and someone could have recorded or watched you. Your identity is compromised and becomes public and what is worst is the leakage of your personal information such as your name, address, contacts, email accounts, social media accounts and your passwords especially for your finances. Protect and secure your privacy by covering your webcam when it’s not being used by a reliable webcam or laptop webcam cover.

There are various brands of webcam covers in the market today, so you’ll need wise decision-making in choosing the best brand for you. Webcam stickers are widely used today and are used for covering webcam lenses on phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, Smart TVs and more. In using a webcam cover sticker, you’ll need to pull the tab back, peel the sticker off the sheet then place it in your webcam lens, peeling it off when you’ll use it and putting it back on when not in use. Webcam stickers come in various colors and designs. Webcam stickers are the most affordable webcam cover in the market but it leaves residue in your device. Magnetic metal strips are now available that sticks into the most popular laptop brand in the US market today. If you need to use your camera, the magnetic metal strip provides an opening in its middle part for your convenience and accessibility. Magnetic metal strips compared to stickers are generally more expensive but usually with one year satisfaction guarantee and no residue left on your device.

Light velcro backing is also available that gives a soft felt design for your webcam cover. In using velcro, upon attachment to your device, you just need to remove the top part of the velcro when you want to use your webcam and replace it when you are done. There are those brands of webcam covers with a small slide on it and also includes a built-in mirror for those of you who use your webcam as a mirror.
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Choosing the best webcam cover will give you extra protection and you also need to make sure that USB camera is disconnected when not in use, avoid opening email attachment from people you do not know and keep your antivirus software up-to-date. Choose your best webcam cover in the market today and get secured and protected. Your privacy is our utmost priority.3 Lessons Learned: Cameras